Revolutionary New Product at FIT From Promac

SL4FF NewPromac, the industry’s leading supplier of machinery, service, spares and tools, is returning to the FIT show this year to exhibit the new and completely revolutionary SL4FF Seamless Quad Welder from Graf Synergy.

Joe Hague, Group Managing Director of Promac explains what visitors can expect: “This exciting development in machinery design is the next step in the evolution of window manufacturing. The combined cleaning and welding platform provides a completely new way ...

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Promac Lends Support to Triple Glazing Question

10th April at the Ricoh arena in Coventry.

Joe Hague, Group Managing Director at Promac explains why he is lending his support to the event: “It’s important that all areas of our industry have the opportunity to participate in an open forum that debates significant issues such as triple glazing. The TGQ will provide a useful forum for the industry to discuss the challenges, consequences and commercial opportunities that triple glazing presents. Clearly there are many urban myths surrounding triple glazing that ...

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