Forel launches new high-speed, high-precision arrissing platform

Forel has launched its latest EG range of Arrissing Machine, which exploits proven technologies in a new high precision and high speed Arrisser.

Designed to deliver the flexibility for use in pre-processing ahead of tempering or as part of an IGU line, the EG Arrisser brings exceptional precision to glass edge-working, guaranteeing product quality.

Processing sheets of up to 6000x3210mm and as small as 410x230mm, the Forel EG Arrissing machine first automatically acquires glass dimensions before working them at high speed, using two independently driven diamond grinding tools.

Joe Hague, Managing Director, Promac Group, Forel’s exclusive supply partner in the UK, said “the newly launched platform represented a significant step forward in the manufacturer’s arrissing technology improving stability, consistency, reliability and output.

“The new Forel EG is the latest addition to a series of glass edge grinding platforms, using proven technology, incredibly strong superstructure and innovative design to deliver exceptional quality, accuracy and output performance which Forel has become renowned for worldwide.”

The entire super structure is just one piece and is prepped pre assembly using an ultra-accurate 15 meter multiple axis CNC drilling, milling and tapping machine. Guaranteeing the strength and accuracy of the sub structure is at the very heart of Forel’s build philosophy, fitting the high capacity precision drive parts and components accurately, is critical to the machines overall consistent performance.

Joe explains “vibration is the Achilles heel for this type of equipment and when you combine that with water and glass debris, you often find that accuracy, reliability and output are adversely affected. Forel have used their years of experience and the success gained from the world renowned EM and GM series of glass edge processing lines to combat this phenomena.”

Initially developed by Forel for the highly popular EM and GM Edging Machines, the EG uses a high-performance transport carriage and stability aides located close to the grinding tools, to illuminate vibration along with other distortions. It holds the glass rigidly in place using multiple suction cups with a combined capacity to hold weights of up to 200kg/m, minimizing deflection – a pre-requisite for handling large sheets.

The EM Edging Machine is optimized for processing float and laminated glass, delivering high levels of flexibility. This includes edge arrissing, graded edge grinding and edge polishing with the ability to square glass to final dimensions, it can also be used across IGU, tempering and grinding lines.

Joe continued: “The Forel EM and EG delivers glass processors an extremely efficient and simple way to process the edge of large glass sheets. The use of diamond based tools for edge grinding delivers unrivaled quality and accuracy as well as high speed output for arrissing.”

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