FOM Industrie Adir C CNC Machining Centre

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Product Description

3 axis CNC machining centre (door router) with rotating table at 0°, 90° and 180°.

Using the revolutionary FOMCAM software along with the unique interface programme, operating this machine could not be easier. With the high precision accuracy and the reliability combined, this machine is perfectly suited to the routing of windows and doors.

  • Machining length is 2675mm but can machine pieces up to 5200mm using the external access points in the machine at each end
  • Can be tailored to suit each customer’s specification with optional extras such as automatic tool changer, motor controlled table, motor controlled clamps and vices and additional FomCam Licence for Office PC
  • Easy maintenance and operator friendly
  • Quick installation and commissioning


Length 3.600 mm
Width 1.660 mm
Height 1.900 mm
Weight 1.400 kg

*All specifications refer to the standard version