URBAN AKS1800 Quad Welding Machine

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Product Description

Four head machine for simultaneous welding of PVC-u profile angles of 90 degrees. The heads are positioned electronically on the X-Y axis by D.C servo motors and CP central processing system. The operating cycle allows for loading with the machine in its vertical position and incorporates a system for ease of loading large size frames.
This fully automatic welding machine, of proven design and construction, is particularly suitable for volume production, with a capacity of between 200 and 250 frames per 8 hour shift. Sashes and certain frame styles are produced by individual entry or batch input of overall sizes. Other optional features include on-line operation and stacked (double welding).
Standard Features
– Fully automatic cycle for welding and cooling
– Ease of loading upper and lower working heads via programmable cycle to suit operator
   working height
– Movable console with clear arrangement of controls for ease of operation
– Individual adjustment of welding parameters and continuous control of heating element for
   maximum energy efficiency
– Enclosed cage guarding incorporating visual control and audible signal ensuring operator and    personnel safety
– Quick change outer contour limiters
– Automatic adjustment of clamping cylinders to the required profile height
– Automatic adaption of fusing time to suit differing profile cross sections
– Fast and simple cleaning or replacement of teflon heater plate covers
– Single or batch entry of operating sizes
– 2.0 mm weld sprue limitation with 6.0 mm burn off
– Automatic shut down in he event of power/air supply failure