URBAN AKS5550 Turret Welding Machine

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Standard Features
– Safety clamping and two hand control for operator protection
– Fully adjustable machine parameters for optimum weld strength according to profile
– Quick change side fences, turret stop back fence adjustment and magnetic contour blocks for ease of setting
– Heater plate temperature control range of plus or minus 1 degree C
– Footpedal clamping to assist accurate profile location
– Profile support arms
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Product Description

In-line four combination heater plate machine with rotating turret heads and fully automatic cycle. Effective welding length 4.0 metres. The overhead clamping cylinders and weld sprue restrictors are mounted within a rigid steel framework which is open ended to facilitate continuous reinforcing. Each head is equipped with individual temperature controllers, start and emergency stop switches. A main control console is fixed to the left hand side and contains the welding/cooling cycle timers and operating pressure regulators.
This model is equipped with fences to provide the following welding facilities:
A) In-line
Corner-Corner / Corner-Corner
B) Turret
Transom-Transom (H) x 2       Crucifix-Crucifix x 2