Auto Ceramic Roller

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Product Description

The new machine for cleaning and polishing rollers fully automatic “ACRM” developed by Eurotech Way is the practical, safe, and guaranteed system for cleaning, polishing, dusting fused silica rollers for glass tempering furnaces.
The machine is designed to simultaneously work on two rollers; the cleaning head is equipped with an automatic levelling and compensation system, for keeping constant pressure over the entire surface of the rollers.
A special disk, assembled with a series of rotating high resistance steel blades, is able to “cut” and remove in extremely accurate and secure way, any remaining glass or paint, (even of microscopic dimensions), from rollers surface. These blades have the feature to be independent and self – leveling; moreover the assembly way guarantees no abrasive action on the roller. Their speed is variable and controlled with brushless motor technology.
Other kind of disk available on this machine, ensure a perfect polished rollers surface, with superb finishing, even better than the original one. The materials used are the result of research aimed to obtain a long polishing disks life never achieved before with conventional systems of cleaning and polishing.
During the final phase, a special disk made with a special fibre cloth, removes any residual powder on the rollers surface, allowing the immediate restart in production of the furnace.
With a single, simple, and functional system, the machine automatically moves ahead on the rollers after each cleaning cycle, using the rotation energy of the furnace rollers, without any more manual intervention or additional automation as this mechanism is already integral part of the machine.
As part installed on board, there is a vacuum system and filtration (with filter clogging alarm indicating a need cleaning), which provides the suction of the residual powder.