BDM FTB-100 P2 Evo Cutting & Machining Centre

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Product Description

This machining and cutting centre is an 8 axis, multiple tooled, high speed linear production line.  The 8 axis machining centre gives 360 degree tool access to the profile system.  The super structure is built from high grade steel and is equipped with the very latest component parts, technology and software.  The platform is designed for the pre prep and cutting of window and door profiles with exacting accuracy and quality.  The machine can be linked to standard output files via Ethernet network, USB or loaded directly to the machine’s PLC.  Onboard bar optimisation software and servo driven control modules guarantee optimum performance with high speed precision.

Machining Centre

12 position single contour infeed magazine

  • Automatic profile height calibration
  • No. 1Magnetic linear drive profile clamp
  • Broken tool detection device
  • No. 2 Magnetic linear drive profile clamp
  • No. 3 Magnetic linear drive profile clamp
  • Two router tools mounted on two servo controlled motors
  • Automatic gasket prep for cutting
  • Tray mounted swarf extraction (vacuum assisted)
  • Positioning tolerance +/- 0.2mm

Cutting Centre

3 x 550mm blade sawing unit

  • Two opposing 45 degree sawing units driven by two 2.2kW motors
  • One 90 degree sawing unit drive by one 2.2kW motors
  • V Notch application via vertical milling unit (saw blade option)
  • Automatic cut piece waste extraction
  • Two bag dust extraction unit
  • 3m linear extension module for transit of cut profile to the milling station
  • Maximum bar length 6500mm
  • Minimum bar length 600mm

Typical Cycle Times

Approx Ø 11 seconds per cut to size angular pieces

  • Approx Ø 25 second per end milled mullion or transom
  • Overall average 13.5 seconds per piece

oThis refers to an average window unit with approx 1100mm height, approx 1300mm width, 11 angular cut pieces, 2 transoms or mullions, end milled

  • Typical cuts to size in 9 to 12 seconds
  • Simultaneous night vent 8mm slot x 180mm long, 2 seconds

Cycle times are indicative based on standard performance