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Product Description

The CAT + FAB 600 cutting center is an automatic machine designed to cut and drill/slot PVC and aluminum pieces by using a circular saw and cutter heads. This machine is capable of making cuts at angles ranging from –10° to +10°. The numerical control system and the control software mean that every working parameter can be set with a high level of accuracy so that the operator only has to load the sections and unload the finished pieces.

The machine is composed of:

– storage for loading the bars: possible to load 20 bars 6000mm long and 80 mm wide.
– Positioning bars unit: complete with high precision pusher and magneitc head for checking position.
– Drilling/slot unit : equipped with 5 working units.
– Cutting unit equipped with blade Ø 550 and magnetic head for checking position.
– Unloading unit for finished pieces.
– Drive and control unit, composed of: Numerically controlled PC, complete with LCD display type TFT, keyboard, mouse, Hard Disk, Floppy disk 3.5” driver and CD-ROM reader.
Standard accessories:
– Carbide blade Ø 550 mm; Z=120: Hole Ø 30 for PVC
– Electric arc welded steel structure complete with feet for levelling and anchoring to the ground
– Industrial PC on board the machine
– Motor driven pusher by means of brushless motor
– Section feed belts driven driven by adjustable frequency drive with acceleration and deceleration ramps to prevent sections overturn.
– 5 drilling/milling units complete with high-frequency spindels
– Shrink-wrapping
– Service keys
– User’s and maintenance manual and spare parts catalog