FOM Industrie DALI 70 4 Axis CNC Machining Centre

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Product Description


The DALI machining centre has been designed to perform boring and milling work on aluminium and PVC profiles.  The mechanical specifications of this modern machining centre and of its control system provide economical use in the production of single pieces and limited or medium series with high precision.


The structure consists of a machine bed with a beam that slides across the top of it. Both parts are made of steel and are duly stabilised after each work phase to ensure that there is no interior tension; they are of sufficient size to guarantee stability and precision during machining operations.

Axis sliding

The axes slide along high precision, robust and reliable linear guide ways with recirculating ball blocks that have four points of contact equipped with oil scrapers and with medium/high preloading.

Axis drives

The independent axes are controlled by brushless Yaskawa servomotors by means of:

  • A helical rack and pinion system for the X axis (longitudinal)
  • Recirculating ball screw ground to high precision and a preloaded worm screw for the Y (transverse) and Z (vertical) axes. The Z axis drive has an electromagnetic brake which is activated if the mains power is switched off for any reason. The digital servomotors used not only allow quick and optimal positioning and adjustment times but also high speed.


Designed by Fom Industrie, this electrospindle ensures excellent performance, both at low revolutions as well as at high speed, to satisfy the increasing demands made on the machines in terms of flexibility. It is equipped with 4 kW constant torque and is fitted with an A axis in order to work on three sides and if necessary at intermediate positions on a profile, rotation speed of up to 12.000 rpm, adjustable, forced air cooling, ISO 30 tool coupling and relative presence detecting micro-switch. Front and rear high speed precision bearings ensure strict control of the electrospindle axial and radial stress during the work phases.

The electrospindle rotation speed is managed by a static frequency changer (inverter), complete with:

  • Display for visualization of diagnostics in case of anomalies.
  • Protection from voltage and current overloads.
  • Automatically controlled tool rotation braking action.
  • Resistor for braking power dissipation.

Tool lubrication

Is carried out with pure oil using a sprayer with overpressure and, on request, also with emulsified oil with recovery of the liquid through a system of chips settling.

Tool magazine

Located on the carriage in an area protected by a door, it has 7 slots in a tool holder ISO 30.

Working area

This is part of the machine bed and comprises:

  • 4 pneumatic vices (expandable) for clamping the profiles. They slide along linear guides and locking is pneumatic. Movement/positioning is numerically controlled by means of a proper algorithm with positioning through carriage.The pads supports that clamp the profiles have quick manual positioning. The pads are non-slip with rocker arms and offer vertical adjustment.
  • 1 retractable pneumatic stop.