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Product Description

This innovative invention is used to visualize the defects directly on the glass to help the operator to accelerate the quality control and to speed up the cycle time, as well.


Functionality and application

Display of detailed quality issues directly on glass

Defect categories are shown in different colours

Horizontally and vertically mountable

(Single glasses, IG-units and batch mode)

Projection size of 6000 x 3210 mm

Visualization of production data and text directly on glass


Following glass defects and production data can be visualized with EyeGuide©:

Position and category of defect

Position and type of Georgian bars

Stepped unit details

Gas filling information

Equalizing valve position

Coating side

Logo position



Acceleration of the cycle time

Visualization of data in true scale

Compares the real position of Georgian bars with production data

Open interface to all quality assurance systems