FOM Industrie LMX 650 Cutting & Machining Centre

Product Description

The latest LMX650 Cutting and Machining Centre from FOM Industrie is the next step in multi axis production lines for window, door and complex architectural structures

With a full CNC bar loading infeed table capable of delivering the most complex shapes in the correct orientation, the LMX 650 ensures no manual setup is required

Cutting and machining capacity of sections up to 300 x 300 covered by a machining module with up to 18 individual electro-spindles up to 16KW and twin saw heads positioned horizontally along with 650mm vertical blades

With an emphasis on quality, several options for full scratch protection along bar cleaning is delivered along with a full range of air blowers inside the machine cabinet

The overall machine footprint can be customised depending on requirement and can be specified with optional outfeed tables of 3000mm, 5000mm & 7000mm

Industry 4.0 ready ensuring the latest technological software for full integration and smart factory ready