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Product Description

Precision V-cuts in plastic profiles for transoms and mullions; with corresponding accessories also suitable for aluminium.

* Easy and safe to operate
* Excellent cutting quality
* Variable to suit and section height
* No damae to end surfaces
* KS-75 V-cut saw with particularly sturdy design

The sturdy design of the V-cut saw KS-75 ensures very high cutting quality. The saw unit moves on precision-ground, twin-shaft guides firmly connected to the machine stand at both ends. The centrally arranged free cylinder ensures smooth and jolt-free movement, thus providing the prerequisite for cutting aluminium with the corresponding attachments. The KS-75 can also be effectively used a crosscut saw for 45° cuts in section heights up to 75 mm. Off-cuts and initial cuts can therefore be carried out in one single operation.
The design of the KS-75 also ensures of the surface of the sections is protected. The section ist pressed horizontally against the vertical stop table. As a result the section lies on ist webs ensuring the end surface cannot be damaged.