Mistrello SML

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Product Description

Officine Mistrello has perfected its avantgarde orthogonal systems, constructed using only the highest level of technology.
These functional classifiers require simple maintenance, while enabling to reduce up to four times the overall dimensions required by traditional systems, exploiting available space to the full.
Thanks to their ease of use, loading and unloading operations and the selection of the product can be carried our simple, quickly, and without errors. With regards to Mistrello’s manual classifiers, movement is carried out by a wheel installed on the first element of the system, connected to a reducer motor that enables to move the elements with minimum effort.
For the semiautomatic and automatic versions, the loading and unloading operations are executed by a system of reductor with high performance. The mechanism is powered by two motors which have a variable speed and which are commanded by a PLC.
The automatic version has simple deshbroad which allows to menage all phases of the procedure and anables to optimize time thanks to the connection, via an interface, to the cutting line for an automatic loading and unloading.
On the other hand, for the manual version, the motion is taken in care charge by a wheel placed in the first element of the perpendicular system, connected to a reductional device which enables the motion of the elements with the minimum effort.