PMS DIGI X Touch Integrated Bead Saw

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Product Description

DigiX is the integration of a saw and a length stop.

Standard Features

  • The saw is the type “fixed 45° blades” (diameters 250 mm + 155mm) for bead cutting.
  • The mechanical structure is specifically designed for the cutting of two glazing beads together with an innovative system that allows cutting of any type of bead without dedicated counter blocks
  • An exclusive bead guiding system for easier positioning, works together with a pneumatic glass simulator with 8 manually selectable presets and four pneumatic clamps to perform a fast and reliable working cycle.
  • DigiX is equipped with an adequate system of evacuation of waste / chips and is arranged to the connection of a suction system.
  • The length stop is made of aluminium structural profiles which integrate the carriage sliding system, the positioning of the fence is managed by the control unit and the measurement is verified with a magnetic measurement system.
  • The mechanism allows optimal positioning speed and high precision.


There are many advantages with a machine that integrates a mitre saw and a length stop:

  • Unique control system which manages all the functions of the “two” machines
  • Easier to operate, a single screen with few buttons to control both units
  • No need for interconnection between the two units, the control system knows both the position of the blade and the position of the fence.


The new control unit of DigiX integrates an USB port, Ethernet port and a radio interface used for the reception of measures from DigiFAMILY’S devices.