Rapid Alustar Machining Centre

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Product Description

The Rapid Alustar is a fully automated bar preparation machine for aluminium window, door and curtain wall profile.  The machine has a two axis cutting section with a rising blade and full CNC control of angles from 45° – 135°.  The machining section can be equipped with a maximum of 16 tools depending upon customers’ specification.  Connection to a label printer is supplied as standard.  The machine is available in left to right or right to left configuration.


The machine can be programmed offline with its own software system and can also be linked from existing office software via a network.  As an option the machine can be linked directly to Rapid for immediate diagnosis of problems.


The machine has a flexible profile loading facility that can accommodate many variations of profile type.  The machine will fully clamp the profile, square and measure it before the machining and sawing process is started.