Rapid – DGL 250

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Product Description

Precision, no-burr cutting of aluminium and plastic profiles.
• High cutting quality
• Efficient, controlled disposal of offcuts, waste conveyor belts (optional extra)
Robust subframe:
• High-strength machine bed
• Rigid linear guide
High-quality saw assemblies:
• Swivelling saw guards for each assembly ensuring safe working and improved operating convenience
• Electro-pneumatic swivelling system; can be switched off for manual setting of intermediate angles
Decisive RAPID advantages:
1. Maximum drive power
– direct drive
2. High precision
– linear guide supported on both sides
– bearing-mounted milling spindle
– electronically balanced sawblade flange
3. High cutting quality
– minimum distance between guide and saw blade
4. Safety
– integrally designed waste chute
5. Angular accuracy
– swivelling axis bearing-mounted on both sides
6. No damage to profiles
– exposed side not in contact with supporting surface