Rapid Ultratech

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Product Description

The Rapid Optima Ultratech is the latest inclusion to the comprehensive range of profile cutting and machining centre’s supplied and supported by Promac group.


The machine is constructed to enable various forms and customer specific layouts to be produced.


The machine is complete with safety guarding, label printer and automatic waste conveyor and conforms to the latest CE safety regulations.


The machine measures every single bar which is feed into the machine and performs it’s own bar length optimisation, resulting in a waste rate of less than 2%.


The machine needs no additional units as all basic functions are catered for :-

V notching front and back

Bevel cutting front and back

Drainage, pressure equalisation

Night vents

Letter boxes

Door lock preparation

Peak cutting etc


Highly flexible and universally applicable method for processing of PVC profiles.

Proven Rapid machine building quality in connection with modern and sophisticated control technology set new standards regarding.