PERTICI ML123/S End Miller

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N°2 pneumatic clamping cylinders. N°1 Tilted length stop. N°1 steel base plate. N°1 revolver pin (6 positions). Quick manual cutter change. N°1 cutter holder. N°1 Air-cleaning gun. Lubrication system (to be used with aluminium profile). Profile supporting arm. Cutters holders storage.

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Product Description

The ML 123/S horizontal end-miller is an ideal machine for windows’ Aluminium and PVC profiles. The machine can work with adjustable reference shoulders from –45 to +45 degrees, including all intermediate angles. The machine can be used alternatively as an end-miller or a corner cleaner machine (for PVC profiles), by simply adjusting the moveable support squares and adding a specific vertical clamping kit for corner cleaning operation (in option). It complies with the highest safety standards with a safety guard of the whole working area with an aluminium curtain for feeding workpiece. Moreover the safety guard has a glass part allowing the operator to control the working progress. A control button for tool rotation is mounted on handle for movement of cutter unit.