Promac’s Operations Director Mr Wayne Hunter, knows that the heart beat of manufacturing PVC, Glass & Aluminium is machines that are running.

In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly common for manufacturers to take advantage of the second hand machinery market either directly or via auction. Many fabricators may consider taking the net step of loading, transporting and reinstalling the machinery themselves, but there are numerous instances where an effort to reduce costs has resulted in excessive repair bills due to mishandling. In some cases, the machinery has had to be written off due to pick up/delivery accidents, critically missing parts, programming/software issues and/or totally incorrect installation of the machinery.

As a capital equipment supplier of over 25 years standing, Promac have vast experience of not only supplying but handling very large or very awkward and very expensive pieces of machinery. We can supply everything from fork lift trucks, vehicles and drivers, to qualified, fully-trained and experienced service engineers. We have numerous transport straps, specialised handling equipment and machine skates.

Please also consider that not all self employed engineers will have the necessary insurance cover that you require in the event of an accident and that some machinery companies use third parties to conduct the works on their behalf and these may not have the relevant, financial protection that you require. Using Promac engineering and logistics would remove any of these worries or concerns while providing a really good investment with significant savings on new machinery.

We also have the engineering resource to reprogram the machinery for your own individual requirements, to fully train the new operators (providing certification) and to repair or service the machinery where necessary.
Within recent weeks we have undertaken
• The full project of disconnecting / loading / transporting and reinstalling a complete For.El Super Spacer IG line for The Camden Group, Northern Ireland.
• The full project of disconnecting / loading / transporting and reinstalling a complete Rapid sawing and machining centre on behalf of The Conservatory Outlet Ltd.
• The project of disconnecting / loading / transporting and reinstalling a large Pressta Eisele, Prisma cross cut saw on behalf of C.E.P. Ltd.

These three instances alone indicate our ability to handle machinery for glass processing, aluminium and PVCu window and door production. We are also able to move machinery within a factory from one position to another and to bring machinery back to our factory at Rugby for a complete refurbishment program using dedicated internal service engineers.
If we are able to be of assistance or if you would like a quotation for a specific contract then please do not hesitate to contact the service division at our Rugby head office directly on 01788 577887